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Meet the Party

As the Forgotten Realms begin to experience cataclysmic natural disasters, the members of the Obsidian Halls are dragged into conflict with four cults, each serving a greater elemental evil. These unlikely heroes strike back at the prophets of these factions, hoping to shed light on their part in everything.

Group image of the main characters of Princes of the Apocalypse

Ajisai KuroyuriPlayed by Logan Laidlaw

She/TheyAasimarSword Saint

Abandoned as a baby and rescued by monks, Ajisai grew up with her adopted mother and other monks in the Star Peaks, where she trained at the temple of Kagatsuchi. A fiery and impulsive young woman, her life was cut short when the elemental cults attacked her shrine and killed everyone within it - a count of which she was the last. Revived as an unfeeling revenant by the vengeful spirit of Kagatsuchi, she was charged with retrieving items the cults stole and eliminating those who attacked her home.

Casper CaskbucklePlayed by Cody Hughett


A dwarf who was raised among the followers of a knowledge-hoarding dragon, Orecintis. This rogue, the self-proclaimed “world's fastest dwarf”. He meets with members of the Obsidian Halls when fleeing from Waterdeep and they cover his escape, and goes with them seeking adventure and the promise of a new horizon to cross. Casper's primary goal is to find a woman carrying a magical deck of cards he means to get his hands on, but to him the journey means more than the destination.