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Meet the Party

Follow the members of the Highest Standard as they stumble into unraveling the forgotten ancient history of Somnus Domina, and overcome the consequences of an ancient war between gods. Conspiracies unravel, stories of self-discovery unfold, and a mysterious Truth is pursued.

Group image of the main characters of Vestige of Ophiuchus

Avianna KoleshPlayed by Hayden Daviau

A standoffish and blunt hanyou (half-yokai) born in the electory district of Summergrass, and abandoned early in life by her daiyokai mother. She raised herself on the streets, turning to thievery and vigilantism to survive. As she grew she became hardened by the struggles of those around her and took on the role of protecting the Druidic races of Summergrass. She joins the Highest Standard when her city - and loved ones - are faced with immediate peril.

Fenris CelbehronPlayed by Braden Alexander

She/HerShadow ElfCleric
A shadow elf who grew up during the age of the Palvarian Accords, a set of laws that delegitimize the citizenship of Druidic citizens like her. Abandoned by her parents, she has spent her life having dreams of a Pale Lady who she idolizes. She would eventually find sanctuary as a cleric of T'quinn, and meet the runaway Lexie Hendrix who came to live there. As a cleric of T'quinn she joins the Highest Standard to seek a cure for a memory-eating disease, but soon becomes involved in a mystery of the Pale Lady's identity.

FluxPlayed by Matthew

An autonomous lifeform unearthed from a destroyed vault in High-Wave. Flux is the student of a brilliant scientist who wanted to find the truth of the origins of those like Flux, who are the result of an ancient conflict. When his mentor Shurkra is murdered, he sets out to complete her research and find her killer. This leads him to the Highest Standard, who he enlists to help him seek justice and to journey to an ancient land where his history may finally be uncovered.

Lexie HendrixPlayed by Carrie Johnston

A kits'adrian woman born in Cu Chullis and stolen from her family at a young age by the criminal organization known as the Family. Raised and indoctrinated to be an infiltrator and spy, she grew up unaware that she lacked freedom. When her best friend fled from their organization, Lexie took the first chance she could to do the same. Roaming free, she would eventually find a home at the Itonian temple of T'quinn, meet Fenris, and would one day join her on Fenris's mission. While accompanying her she hopes to find her siblings, who were also stolen away from the Family.

Merihim LeucisPlayed by Aaron Robert Parnell

Born in the desert country of Greyrock in a mining town, Merihim left his family as a young man to avoid making their life harder. He harbored an infernal curse that causes him to become a hádislin - a vicebound - a curse that made others weary of him and his family. In his wanderings he became a bard, became the friend of Quintus Valorbilt, and learned to live without care - that is, until his journeying with Quintus revealed that there was much more to Merihim's curse than he initially expected, and that the annals of history lay open to his curious mind.

Quintus ValorbiltPlayed by Cody Hughett

A righteous but somewhat oblivious knight born to a noble family in the Land Away. Quintus grew knowing he would one day sit upon his country's council of leaders, the Lion's Council, succeeding his father. When the defense of one of his country's towns costs his father Lucent's life however, Quintus's uncle must take their place until the young Valorbilt is ready. Trying to steel his will and grant him experience, Corvus Valorbilt sends Quintus to retrieve a stolen artifact for their family to prove his worth - a mission that leads to the formation of the Highest Standard.

VogunPlayed by Spencer Downs

He/HimHobgoblinSword Saint
A hobgoblin who was once part of the Strikeland's Hellrock Army, and was known to be so brutal they called him the Butcher. When his legion aimed to defect, he stood up to his captain Lekkezod, who left him beaten and crippled in the countryside. Vogun would have died, if not for a kind moon elf, Almyra, finding him and nursing him back to health. She taught him the way of inner peace and swordsmanship, and challenged him to go on a spiritual pilgrimage to the ancient temples of Retia's Eidolons - a journey that would lead him to the Highest Standard.

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