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Meet the Party

Follow the members of the Highest Standard as they stumble into unraveling the forgotten ancient history of Somnus Domina, and overcome the consequences of an ancient war between gods. Conspiracies unravel, stories of self-discovery unfold, and a mysterious Truth is pursued.

Group image of the main characters of Vestige of Ophiuchus

Avianna KoleshPlayed by Hayden Daviau


A standoffish and blunt hanyou (half-yokai) born in the electory district of Summergrass, and abandoned early in life by her daiyokai mother. She raised herself on the streets, turning to thievery and vigilantism to survive. As she grew she became hardened by the struggles of those around her and took on the role of protecting the Druidic races of Summergrass. She joins the Highest Standard when her city - and loved ones - are faced with immediate peril.

Fenris CelbehronPlayed by Braden Alexander

She/HerShadow ElfCleric

A shadow elf who grew up during the age of the Palvarian Accords, a set of laws that delegitimize the citizenship of Druidic citizens like her. Abandoned by her parents, she has spent her life having dreams of a Pale Lady who she idolizes. She would eventually find sanctuary as a cleric of T'quinn, and meet the runaway Lexie Hendrix who came to live there. As a cleric of T'quinn she joins the Highest Standard to seek a cure for a memory-eating disease, but soon becomes involved in a mystery of the Pale Lady's identity.