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Patrons of the show are entitled to hoards of bonus content, exclusive items and merch.


The public has its eye on you! The lord of the land calls upon you to fell a mighty threat!

  • Monthly access to full-resolution art assets (rather than the scaled-down public versions)


A country in aid calls upon you and your party. A great evil looms on the horizon, its dark hand threatening the homeland you cherish!

  • All previous rewards
  • Access to maps made for the show on a biweekly basis


The gods set you on a path to saving the world as you know it. Only you can stand against a great world-ending calamity.

  • All previous rewards
  • Monthly releases of unique stat blocks for monsters created for Nat19, including any relevant lore information

Terrasque Slayer$30/Month

The greatest threats are all you concern yourself with. Your blade is raised against a dark god, resurrected by its diabolical cult. The multiverse is in need of your heroics!

  • All previous rewards
  • Free digital copies of all content released on DriveThruRPG since your pledge, including classes, subclasses, handbooks, monster manuels, lore books, etc.

Forge of the Gods$50/Month

You've continued on past the end of your adventure, seeking a destiny beyond what even gods deem conventional!

  • All previous rewards
  • Monthly preview of rules, items, creatures, subclasses, etc from the content we're creating or preparing for more significant releases
  • Voting in polls to determine the next Nat19 character or concept Hayden will make a set of dice out of, and reports on Hayden's Nat19 dice
  • A chance to purchase Hayden's dice before they become publicly available

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