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Meet the Party

The residents of Gilligan’s Pit research disappearances within their underground town, only to discover nefarious forces are at work in their idilic home.

Desmond BrandybarrelPlayed by Aaron Robert Parnell

He/HimLightfoot HalflingRanger [Ver1.19] - Gun Dweller

A soldier who fought in the Industrial War, and was sent home as a war hero. He has settled into his life as a part of the Undertow, the guards of Gilligan’s Pit, and tries to live a relatively normal life. He stumbles onto the woes of young Laurence Valoren, who he agrees to help get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding his mother.

Laurence Ludwig ValorenPlayed by Carrie Johnston

He/HimSermian humanBard (College of Adventure)

A young man who never knew his father and whose earliest memories are moving to Gilligan’s Pit with his mother. Having lost his mother to an unknown disease, he is trying to solve a mystery surrounding her illness and disappearance before the authorities of the town realize he’s living on his own. This young man has wild ideas about his lineage.

Lillia LeporidaePlayed by Ana Garcia

She/HerLeafly flooflinPetal Knight - Camellia

Having had a faithful encounter with a mysterious figure in her younger years, Lillia developed the powers of a petal knight and applied her talents to the Below & Beyond Agency, where she works to guide townsfolk and visitors through the caves below Gilligan’s Pit. She dreams of what life beyond the town must be like and loves meeting new people.

PepperPlayed by Braden Alexander

She/HerLightfoot HalflingWarlock - Gun Ghuth

A visitor to the town looking for work with the Below & Beyond Agency. She is perky and ready to take on any job handed to her. Being new to Gilligan’s Pit, she doesn’t know much about the local customs or way of life for these underground folk.

Skarn IshtiumPlayed by Justice Washington

He/HimCaelumtinn goliath (dark elf)Sword Saint - Way of Tomoe

A goliath wiith dark elf blood who was left in the town of Gilligan’s Pit at a young age, abandoned by his parents who came together adventurously and didn’t wish to carry the responsibility of a child. Now living with his adoptive capy’hado family, Skarn stands tall above his family members. A known lover of drink around the town, Skarn works as a bodyguard with the Below & Beyond Agency.