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Nat19 is a group of friends, performers, writers, and streamers who come together to share their love of TTRPGs. It is the home of various campaigns based on popular media, but most relevantly is the home of the Somnus Domina setting, in which Vestige of Ophiuchus takes place. We run TTRPGs streams twice weekly - Vestige of Ophiuchus on Saturdays at 1 PM PST, and other campaigns such as Princes of the Apocalypse and Devils Might Surrender on Thursday evenings at 5 PM PST. The members of Nat19 are dedicated to diving deep into their games, sharing tears as often as laughs, and using the platform to create and share tools other fans of TTRPGs could use to improve the experience at their table as well!

Our Shows

undefinedEvery Saturday at 1 PM PST

The residents of Gilligan’s Pit research disappearances within their underground town, only to discover nefarious forces are at work in their idilic home.

undefinedEvery Thursday at 5 PM PST

As the Forgotten Realms begin to experience cataclysmic natural disasters, the members of the Obsidian Halls are dragged into conflict with four cults, each serving a greater elemental evil. These unlikely heroes strike back at the prophets of these factions, hoping to shed light on their part in everything.

undefinedEvery Thursday at 5 PM PST

In the American settlement of Apom Capital City, a demonic blizzard seizes control of the town and prevents any from escaping. A group of devil hunting weirdos stand up to the invading demonic servants of the demon king Valefar that are invading the city, bumbling their way stylishly through the various control towers that connect the demon and human worlds.

undefinedCurrently On Hiatus

Follow the members of the Highest Standard as they stumble into unraveling the forgotten ancient history of Somnus Domina, and overcome the consequences of an ancient war between gods. Conspiracies unravel, stories of self-discovery unfold, and a mysterious Truth is pursued.

Meet The Cast

Logan Laidlaw

The founder and creative director of Nat19 and the DM for many of its games, including vestige-of-ophiuchus of Ophiuchus, Devils Might Surrender, and Fate/Solar Shadow. Outside Nat19 he works as a voice actor and the project coordinator, editor and lead writer for the YouTube channel Project Mouthwash.

Logan's Characters

Ajisai Kuroyuri

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Aaron Robert Parnell

One of the original members of Nat19, Aaron is a Twitch streamer and GM for several of Nat19's module-based campaigns, notably Curse of Strahd and princes-of-the-apocalypse of the Apocalypse. He also works as a voice actor out of Vancouver.

Aaron's Characters

Ignatius Lescott
Immanuel Locke
Merihim Leucis
Moon Lancer
Desmond Brandybarrel

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Ana Garcia

A voice actor, streamer, and Vtuber working out of British Columbia. Ana portrays Mariley in Devils Might Surrender, as well as Lillia in Gilligan’s Grave.

Ana's Characters

Mariley Injusteez
Constance Colibri
Lillia Leporidae

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Justice Washington

Justice is a talented voice actor for everything ranging from video games to anime and can be found on YouTube, frequently streaming on Twitch both under the name SeigiVA.” A long-time friend of the show, Justice joins the cast as one of the leading characters in Gilligan’s Grave, depicting Skarn.

Justice's Characters

Skarn Ishtium

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Braden Alexander

A mainstay in Nat19 ever since they joined in the second Solar Shadow campaign, Braden is a trained singer and actor working primarily out of Florida and does voice-over work online.

Braden's Characters

Diane Winters
Fenris Celbehron
Maxine Aileen

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Carrie Johnston

A Scottish voice actor who moved to Canada, Carrie is a voice actor for video games and animation. They are a core member of the SomethingWitty YouTube channel, where they work as a writer, voice actor, and video editor.

Carrie's Characters

Isla McCracken
Lexie Hendrix
Laurence Ludwig Valoren

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Hayden Daviau

A later addition to Nat19, Hayden Daviau has been a part of the group since they joined as a guest player and never left. They work as a voice actor for video games and anime in L.A. and Texas and run a handmade dice shop called Guildhall Dice.

Hayden's Characters

Avianna Kolesh
Fionula Ione
Reagan Ailyss

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Cody Hughett

Cody participates in almost all of Nat19's shows, as well as runs his own campaigns on the Summoner's Network Twitch and YouTube channels.

Cody's Characters

Casper Caskbuckle
Clifton Yost
Moon Assassin
Niccolo D. Barnadinot
Quintus Valorbilt

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Spencer Downs

Spencer Downs is a voice actor and video editor for Project Mouthwash, occasionally a GM for Nat19 and (more commonly) SomethingWittyGaming, and a member of all of Nat19's current campaigns.

Spencer's Characters

Taguchi Ayama
Ardyn Doyle
David Durn
Krusk Bensly

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Matthew 'Izzy' Kok

The founder of Something Witty Entertainment on YouTube and the main face behind Sword Art Online Abridged. Matthew is a voice actor for animation, games, and television and works as a video editor and writer for their own channel.

Matthew's Characters

Raleigh Vermillion
Ian McCraken

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Eric Embleton

A member of Nat19 who has been involved in many of its games as a guest player and is a core player in Devils Might Surrender and princes-of-the-apocalypse of the Apocalypse. Eric is a voice actor for groups such as Project Mouthwash, Something Witty Entertainment, and the Schmuck Squad.

Eric's Characters

Kyra Volcora
Ohmar Lawson
Callis Vesper
Geno Angelo

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Meet Our Guests

Alejandro Saab

A voice actor for any place you can imagine needing one! He is also a streamer, notably the personality behind the android Vtuber Cy-Yu. He played with Nat19 for almost a year during vestige-of-ophiuchus's Honokuni arc, portraying the archoon mechanic, Wrench.

Alejandro's Characters


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Brandon McInnis

Brandon is a voice actor in anime and video games, working out of Texas and L.A. - he appeared briefly in the early Cauldron arc of Nat19 as a helpful nephilim guide.

Brandon's Characters

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Chase Corbin

Voice actor, abridger for the Schmucks and SWE, and former host of Chat19. Chase was a player in several of Nat19's previous campaigns and guest-starred multiple times in vestige-of-ophiuchus as the sun elf Hanzo.

Chase's Characters

Fujibayashi Hanzo

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Corinne Sudberg

Corinne is a singer, voice actress and Youtuber from Dallas. Her voice can be heard in various Anime, video games, parodies and more! Corinne has made multiple appearances in vestige-of-ophiuchus as the young, pétratára, sorceress Elma.

Corinne's Characters


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Tasch Ritter

Streamer, voice actress and former artist for the show - Tasch is a dynamic force to be dealt with. She has made various appearances on the show as the vanqius undead cleric Sister Valdis

Tasch's Characters

Sister Valdis

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