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Meet the Party

In the American settlement of Apom Capital City, a demonic blizzard seizes control of the town and prevents any from escaping. A group of devil hunting weirdos stand up to the invading demonic servants of the demon king Valefar that are invading the city, bumbling their way stylishly through the various control towers that connect the demon and human worlds.

Group image of the main characters of Devils Might Surrender

Ardyn DoylePlayed by Spencer Downs

He/HimHuman-Demon HybridBlood Hunter/Wizard

Born to a cult that studied demons, Ardyn's unique nature as a human-demon hybrid made him a subject of experiments for most of his life. When his village was wiped out by a vicious demon attack he fled, thinking everyone in his past was gone, and basked in his newfound freedom by becoming a devil hunter. Putting his new skills to use, he is drawn to Apom Capital City by prophetic nightmares, and once he arrives he meets the confused demon Fionula Ione. Once the city falls into chaos he begins to uncover the origins of his demonic power - and why his village was wiped out.

Ardyn Doyle

Fionula IonePlayed by Hayden Daviau

She/HerTieflingSword Saint

Boisterous, lovable and not terribly bright, Fionula awoke in the Frost Hells among bodies of fallen demons. Entering a gateway with no idea where she was, she ended up in Apom Capital City, where she fled from humans for a time. Eventually she was found by Ardyn Doyle who befriended her, and the two began looking into the demonic activity in the city. When Ardyn's old teacher makes an appearance and disaster strikes the city, Fionula begins piecing together her past - and herself.

Fionula Ione

Geno AngeloPlayed by Eric Embleton

He/HimAngelo Armor (Fiend)Fighter/Sword Saint

A battle-loving demonic spirit trapped in an ancient suit of Angelo armor, who had long since forgotten his origins. Having been salvaged after an untold age of dormancy by a demon-hunting organization, the Knights of Ulysia, he is awakened and given purpose within their ranks. Serving under them he aims to regain his original body and remember his past - a mission that leads him to investigate the demon activity in Apom Capital City.

Geno Angelo

Mariley InjusteezPlayed by Ana Garcia

She/HerHuman-Demon HybridBard

A human-succubus hybrid born and abandoned in Spain, who used her demonic charms to survive. After being hunted down by demon hunters determined to kill her, she is on the run with one of her assailants who could not bring himself to finish the job. Aftering fleeing to Apom Capital City where she lives with Niccolo, she works as a stripper and escort at Angels Lite while trying to keep a low profile - until unfortunate car trouble puts her at the center of the disaster that strikes the town.

Mariley Injusteez

Niccolo D. BarnadinotPlayed by Cody Hughett


Formerly a member of the devil-worshiping Order of the Sword. Niccolo was part of a group sent to hunt Mariley, but when he saw her could not bring himself to take her life. He helped her escape, and the two fled from Spain to Apom Capital City, where both tried to law low. Niccolo works as a pizza boy for a verbally abusive boss, doing his best to protect Mariley and his beloved car. When the blizzard overtakes the city, the destruction of Niccolo's car is the least of his concerns: his old ties with the Order of the Sword come back to haunt him.

Niccolo D. Barnadinot